5 Design Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Bathroom


5 Design Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Bathroom Renovating your bathroom is a big undertaking, but having a beautiful new space to relax and wash the day away is always worth it. From your showerhead and faucets to your mirrors and light fixtures, there are a lot of metal fixtures in your bathroom. The color(s) you choose for your metal bathroom fixtures can elevate your bathroom. Most people just have one big question: Does Bathroom Hardware Have to Match? No, your bathroom hardware doesn’t have to match. There is a common belief that if the metals in your bathroom are [...]

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Bidet or Toilet?


What is A Bidet? A bidet is a toilet device that sprays water for cleansing yourself after using the restroom. Bidets have existed since the seventeenth century in France. There are multiple health, financial, and environmental benefits of having a bidet. Health Benefits of Bidets AVOIDS IRRITATING YOUR SKIN When you use rough toilet tissue too often, you could irritate the skin. According to The New York Times, bidets help alleviate this pain by using water to cleanse the area instead. After using a bidet, you will use far less toilet tissue, if any. PROTECTS AGAINST DISEASES Using the bathroom involves [...]

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Ice Grey: The New Neutral


Ice Grey: The New Neutral If you think of beige and white when you think of neutrals, it’s time to think again. Ice Grey is the newest addition to the LuxStone lineup. It’s the new neutral, and a beautiful alternative to white. This ultra-modern shade of soft grey with cool undertones is perfect for pairing with bold accents, bright colors, or even other shades of grey. To celebrate this new member of the LuxStone family, our shower design experts are here to show you just how versatile this color is with a variety of bathroom styles. From farmhouse to modern to [...]

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Air Tub or Whirlpool


What is an Air Tub? As the name suggests, an air tub uses jets of air to deliver a full-body massage experience. Warm air is pushed through a staggered air jet design, creating thousands of tiny, invigorating bubbles that surround your body to give you a sensation of weightlessness. The random motion of bubbles traveling along your body to the surface helps center your mind and stimulate the release of muscle tension. For a truly customized bathing experience, tailor the intensity of the airflow, from a soothing caress to a vigorous massage. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath in an air [...]

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How To Deep Clean Your Shower In 4 Steps


How To Deep Clean Your Shower In 4 Steps Showers are often tidied up quickly before guests arrive or wiped down as a part of a larger bathroom clean up. It may have been a while since you last did a deep clean of your shower.  A deep shower cleaning is needed less frequently, but you’ll find this thorough scrubbing not only makes your space healthier and germ-free but also protects your shower from wear and restores its luster.   With the right products, this task doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Follow these steps to effectively deep clean your shower. 4 Steps [...]

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Benefits of a Warm Bath


There’s nothing quite like a warm bath after a long day. It feels great and getting a little peace and quiet is always welcome. But there are actually some scientifically-proven health benefits to spending time in your bathtub. From improving your mental health to soothing some physical ailments, here are a few reasons to soak in your tub tonight. Reasons to Enjoy a Warm Bath 1. STRESS RELIEF This is the thing most people think about when visions of warm baths start dancing in their heads. The warm water helps relax tense muscles and solitude can do wonders to ease the [...]

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Choosing The Right Shower Door For You


How To Choose The Right Shower Door For You Trying to find the best shower door options for you? Read this post to learn everything you need to know about choosing the best shower door for your space. Pivot Shower Door Vs. Sliding Shower Door If you’re trying to decide between a pivot shower door and a sliding shower door, think about how much space you have in your bathroom. Pivot Shower Doors open similarly to a car door or any other type of door that you find in your house. These shower door styles pivot on a fixed point to [...]

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How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom


Create The Modern Farmhouse Look In 5 Steps   Looking for a bold new shower design that will give your bathroom a masculine, streamlined feel? Consider the modern farmhouse design trend!  You’ve probably seen this trend before from popular designers like Joanna Gaines. Modern farmhouse designs blend the rustic and welcoming aspects of farmhouse design with the cool, clean lines of modern design. The fun part is that you can decide how modern or how farmhouse you want to make your space! Key features include shiplap, crisp whites, dark hues, linen, and polished chrome finishes. Beloved by designers and influencers alike, [...]

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Plan a Seamless Bath Remodel


Plan a Seamless Bathroom Remodel in 5 Easy Steps Renovating your bathroom can go one of two ways—either it is a smooth and easy process or it’s fraught with delays and issues. The way to avoid the latter is through readiness and planning of your shower remodel. Whether you’re getting a walk-in shower or a top-to-bottom renovation, you’ll benefit from learning how to plan out your bathroom home improvement project. Let’s take a quick look at what the task entails.   Deciding on a Budget You might want to determine your available budget for that shower upgrade first. While a contractor [...]

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Health Benefits of Cold Showers


4 Health Benefits Of Cold Showers   If you’re looking to soothe your anxiety and support your immune system, the remedy could lie within your shower walls. Cold exposure, from ice baths and cold showers, is a growing wellness trend for refreshing your body and mind. In this post, we’re discussing four benefits of cold showers and how to incorporate cold showers into your routine at home.  What Are the Benefits of Cold Showers? Recently featured on the popular Netflix series The goop Lab, expert Wim Hof is trailblazing the practice of cold exposure and cold showers. Using the Wim Hof method [...]

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