Bathtub-To-Shower Conversion Opens up Entirely New and Luxurious Bathroom Space

Kohler LuxStone Shower Calacatta Installation by Pacific Bath Company

The new Calacatta Crema KOHLER LuxStone Shower System

It’s one of those things that you come across that just immediately makes sense.

And in this case, the “thing” is part of a growing trend here: An increasing number of homeowners are saying goodbye to showering in traditional bathtubs and replacing them with a walk-in shower.

It’s the Kohler LuxStone Walk-in Shower, and converting to one creates an entirely new space out of your bathroom. And for some homeowners, it also makes stepping in and out of the shower a much safer experience. Forget about climbing over the lip of a tub, which can be as high as 20 inches, while trying not to slip on a wet surface. Now you can step over a short 3-inch threshold and into luxury.

The Kohler LuxStone Walk-In shower is both amazingly beautiful and functional and is a welcome upgrade over tile and plastic-looking shower walls. It starts with a choice of a white- or biscuit-colored shower “pan” that’s American-made, with a unique slip-resistant texture. From there, it is pure contemporary luxury. Picture walls made of crushed stone surrounding you as you shower, available in a choice of colors from Kohler’s exclusive LuxStone line.

“LuxStone walls are 70% crushed stone and reinforced with fiber strands,” says Todd Blinn, President of Pacific Bath. “You get the look and feel of natural stone without the maintenance required with grout, and the walls are non-porous, so they won’t harbor soap scum and bacteria.” Blinn is an expert, as Pacific Bath is the only business certified by Kohler to sell and install this luxurious shower line in Oregon and Washington.

After you choose your walls, Blinn and his team help you choose everything else that you may want inside the shower. You can choose from a variety of showerheads, including a rainshower, and add a hand-held sprayer. Next, to store your shampoo and body wash, you can add floating shelves or a recessed built-in storage locker. The options continue when you decide on a shower seat, the type of glass you want, and the type of door. You can even choose a pivot door or a sliding glass door, or go for the open-air look with no door at all.

And although Kohler – the number one kitchen and bath brand in America – manufactures nearly 40,000 items, the LuxStone Walk-In shower makes choosing fairly simple with a couple of packages that include everything you could want. That also helps to keep costs in line, and installation time at a minimum. Compared with horror stories about plumbing projects that have dragged on for weeks or sometimes months, the process of converting from a high-lipped tub to a Kohler LuxStone walk-in shower is remarkably streamlined, according to Blinn.

“As soon as we remove your old shower, we reset the drain and replace the plumbing, including the anti-scald valve in the wall,” says Blinn. “We’ll set you up with new fixtures and plumbing with our licensed installers, which makes it a true investment in your home. We’re done in about two days, and you’re using your shower within 24-48 hours.”

Kohler provides a lifetime limited warranty on the parts that come together to make such a beautiful shower.

And one other thing will be surprising: how much a walk-in shower opens up space in your bathroom. It might even look like a brand-new room. You suddenly go from showering in a bathtub that has just a 15- to 20-inch wide standing area, to getting virtually the entire width of the shower for standing; and with low sides, beautiful glass, and crushed stone, the feeling of the space changes dramatically.

As we said at the beginning, it’s one of those things that you come across that just makes immediate sense. Request a free quote from Pacific Bath today.

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