Create A Hygge-Inspired Bathroom In 6 StepsKohler updated shower

What Is A Hygge Bathroom?

We can thank the Danish for this bathroom trend! While hygge doesn’t have a direct English translation, the word can describe a mood, a way of life, and a design style. The concept of hygge focuses on the simple pleasures of life, on slowing down, and on creating a space for relaxation.

Hygge is embraced year-round as a part of Danish culture, but you’ll particularly love it during the cold weather season to add warmth and coziness to your home.

Grab your robe and light a candle while we introduce 6 ways that you can channel hygge-inspired design in your bathroom.

6 Ways To Create A Hygge-Inspired Bathroom

1. Start with a neutral palette

Everything in your hygge-inspired bathroom should work in harmony to create a peaceful space. This is best done with a neutral palette. Start with a backdrop of tans, light greys, and creams across the wall and floor.

As you add in countertops and shower walls, consider subtle patterns that have an organic feel like marble or quartz.

Avoid adding bold or jarring colors and patterns as you build your color palette. Don’t worry if it seems bland now, later you can add in texture and detail.

2. Create an at-home spa

Hygge is all about the feeling of relaxation. What better way to create a space for rest and rejuvenation than by incorporating spa elements into your bathroom.

Instead of rushing through your daily shower time, install an indulgent showerhead that feels like a waterfall or add a tub base for soaking. These upgrades will bring the feeling of a luxurious resort treatment to your everyday routine.

3. Ground your space with plants

As you continue decorating your space with items that make you feel grounded and at peace, consider adding a potted plant or several small succulents. Even the smallest bathroom has room for some greenery!

These natural elements will remind you to be rooted in the moment at the start or end of a busy day. They also add organic color to your neutral color palette.

4. Add coziness with texture

Introducing texture to your bathroom will add visual interest to your space and help create a lush environment. Consider a woven stool, fluffy towels, soft curtains, and thick bath mats as ways to bring texture to your bathroom. These items should stay in the neutral color palette but could include darker or lighter shades.

As you add final decor to shelves, trays, and baskets, find items that bring you joy and comfort. That could be personal photos, flowers, fresh soaps, or perfumes.

5. Illuminate the bathroom with soft lighting

Bathrooms can become stark under harsh overhead lights. Maintain your oasis with soft lighting. Multiple points of light can help create a space that is well lit without relying on one bright light. Consider wall sconces on each side of the shower and over the vanity. Then add smaller lamps or makeup lights where needed.

This is also the time to bring out your collection of candles. Light a few for a warm glow during your morning and evening routines. Choose a light scent that isn’t overwhelming to the senses.

6. Eliminate stress-inducing clutter

As you live in your hygge-inspired bathroom, you may begin to accumulate some clutter. Don’t forget to routinely clear out any empty bottles or products you don’t use. Storage and shower barres with clean lines will continue the simple design aesthetic and keep you organized.