How to Design a Bold Contemporary Shower

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Take your bold design aesthetic into your shower with the bold contemporary look. Sleek, head-turning, and experimental, this look is not afraid to make a statement.

What is Bold Contemporary?

This aesthetic is all about being on the cutting edge. Adventurous colors, design risks, and new technology are all part of a bold contemporary style. If light and airy isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll love bold contemporary. 

When renovating, you may not think about having your shower make a statement, but it can. After all, fortune—and good design—favors the bold. Learn how to get this look in your bathroom in just four steps.

How to Design Your Bold Contemporary Shower

1. Bold Walls

For those that favor bold design, white shower walls aren’t going to cut it. 

KOHLER® LuxStone’s Cintilante Bluette walls are a dreamy blue that is perfect for your contemporary shower. Finish the look with a dramatic complementary wall color and an accent wall. We’re fans of this tiled wall.

2.  Beautiful Accents

Bold contemporary design doesn’t stop with your walls. Fixtures and accessories can really take your shower to the next level. For a contemporary aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with bright Polished Chrome fixtures and accessories.

In the photo above, you can see how well the Polished Chrome Floating Shelves complement the Cintilante Bluette shower walls. For more contrast, we recommend Oil-Rubbed Bronze fixtures.

3. Modern Accessories

What is a contemporary design without modern technology? Kohler’s digital shower control system, the DTV Prompt®, allows you to control your shower before you even step in. With DTV Prompt, you can turn your shower on and off, toggle between spray outlets, and adjust your water temperature with the push of a button. You can even program your preferred settings so it’s exactly the way you like it, every time.

Another way to modernize your shower is with a new showerhead. This changes the feel of your shower—literally and figuratively. Handshowers are extremely versatile, while body sprays add a layer of luxury to any bathroom. Another great option is our Rainhead (shown below). It provides the feeling of a warm rainshower, making it the ultimate way to wash the day away.

4. Finishing Touches

Your shower is just one part of your bathroom. Carry your bold contemporary look into the entire room with sleek doors and cabinets, a modern sink, floating shelves, and your favorite art.  Lighting is another finishing touch that is often overlooked. Use light fixtures like sconces and hanging lights to up the drama and make a statement.

Not Sure If Bold Contemporary Is Your Style?

LuxStone® offers a curated selection of shower features that appeals to all styles. Take our Shower Design Style Quiz to discover your perfect shower look.