Certified Kohler Installer5 Things To Consider When Planning A Shower Remodel

Remodeling projects require plenty of planning and decision-making before a contractor even enters your home. Once you decide to refresh a space, there are many factors at play that will help you take your idea from vision to reality.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when you decide to remodel your shower.

Important Factors for Planning a Shower Remodel

1. Budget

Usually a sticking point for any home remodel project, a budget is one of the most important considerations before requesting quotes or purchasing fixtures. Factor in the upgrades you wish to make, as well as labor costs. With KOHLER® LuxStone®, the quote you receive during your free in-home consultation includes one price for everything. That means all parts of the shower enclosure, removal of your old bathtub or shower, and installation costs are included. Learn more about what is included in our transparent, hassle-free Price Promise.

2. People Who Use The Space

The number of people who use the shower on a regular basis will inform your storage and accessory choices. If there are children who need a watchful eye in the bath, a tub is likely the best option. For someone who is unable to step over a high wall, a walk-in shower with a waterproof seat might be the best design choice.

3. Design

As bathrooms typically don’t receive the same design updates and treatments as other rooms in the home, make sure that the design you choose is one that you will love for years to come. Do you go for bold, trendy looks, or a classic style?

4. Size

Consider the size and scale of the space you wish to remodel. Your design options for a spacious suite will differ from a guest bathroom with tighter quarters. Does the space allow for a walk-in shower or a shower-bathtub combination? Does it accommodate a sliding door or a pivot door? Which design choices will make a small space look grander, or a large space more intimate?

5. Needs vs. Wants

Sit down with all of the decision-makers and make two lists. First, jot down the design updates that you agree are necessary during this remodel. Then list the elements that would be nice to have if time, resources and budget allow for them. This is a great way to set expectations before the project begins and keep track of priorities for t