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CleanCoat™ Glass Treatment

Discover how CleanCoat Glass Treatment helps protect against unsightly residue and makes glass easier to clean in this video starring Master Plumber Ed Del Grande.

Measuring Your Bathroom for KOHLER Pivot Shower Doors

This video demonstrates the measurements and information needed to select the KOHLER Pivot Shower Door that will fit perfectly in your bathroom. A video that covers KOHLER Sliding Bath or Shower Doors is also available and can be viewed here:

KOHLER® Walk-In Bath

Experience the walk‑in bath backed by Kohler, designed with you in mind and rooted in over 150 years of engineering expertise. Our ultra‑low step‑in, extra‑wide door and easy‑to‑grip handrails keep you safe and secure as you ease in and out of your bath. And our whirlpool and BubbleMassage™ jets create a spa‑like experience, massaging your entire body as you soak. Choose the KOHLER® Walk‑In Bath and feel rejuvenated every time you bathe.

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