Consider Accessibility Options When Upgrading Your Bathing Area

When it comes to your daily routine, you can count on using the bathroom more times than other rooms. From getting ready in the morning to preparing yourself for bed, the bathroom is an essential part of your home. Since it plays such an important party of the day, wouldn’t you want to enjoy your bathroom as much as possible? When planning upgrades to your bathroom, you should be thinking about accessibility for the bathing area.

Consider Accessibility Options

Walk-In Showers Provide Ease of Access to Bathing Area

Physical conditions can make the daily act of entering and exiting a bathtub a difficult situation for many people. A walk-in shower can be a great option if your bathtub is creating accessibility issues for your daily bathing routine. Walk-in showers come in low-threshold and no-threshold options depending on your accessibility needs. A tub-to-shower conversion can add ease of accessibility to your bathing area, reducing the struggle with daily bathing.

Walk-In Bathtubs Provide Easy Access and Bathing Comfort

A walk-in bathtub may also provide solutions to accessibility issues, especially if you prefer tub bathing over showers. If the act of sitting low in a bathtub is a problem, a walk-in tub solves this by having a much higher seating surface. If you have issues raising your legs over bathtub walls, a walk-in tub solves this by having a swinging, watertight door. Your body can also benefit from the body-soothing water jets that are located throughout the surface of the walk-in-tub. Easy-access water controls and hand-shower options provide additional accessibility.

Bathing Area Accessories Also Help with Accessibility

If a walk-in tub is not in your budget, another option is to replace the existing walls in your bathing area with wall surrounds equipped with accessories like grab bars, handheld shower heads, shelves that provide easy access to bathing items and bath seating.

In addition to improving accessibility, all of the above solutions have the added benefit of providing a fresh look to your bathroom with a low-maintenance surface.