Could The Simple Traditional Look Be For You?

The simple traditional design is one option for creating a luxurious, soothing bathroom space. It establishes a light and airy ambiance with muted tones and crisp metal finishes.

Could this look be right for your home? Let’s break down a simple traditional design.

Create a classic space that outlasts trends.

Bathroom renovations are an investment and require time and energy. Some homeowners love the design and are passionate about this kind of home project. They often find themselves looking for new ways to reinvent their space. If you’re one of those people, you might experiment with a modern design or a trendy urban organic look. 

However, if you have a busy household or limited time for home improvement projects, then the simple traditional design may be the perfect fit for you because it will look great for years to come.

When it comes to simple traditional design, “simple” doesn’t mean “boring.” Instead, it’s all about creating a classic and timeless space. The result is a neutral bathroom that serves as an everyday oasis. It’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to simple traditional when choosing a design direction!

To better understand how simple traditional design would look in your space, let’s review the ways it comes to life, from wall colors to light fixtures. 

Color Palette

Let’s start with color. Which hues are typically included in a simple traditional design? 

You’ll find a range of olive, brown, grey, tan, and natural white tones. These colors have a warmer undertone than the bright whites you see in urban organic design. They’re also lighter and softer than what you see in many modern designs.

You’ll find that simple traditional works well in any size bathroom because lighter tones increase the feeling of space.

While your walls and floor set the backdrop, consistency across all design elements will help your room feel cohesive.

This color palette will direct your choices for: 

  • Wall color 
  • Flooring material
  • Shower walls
  • Sink and toilet colors
  • Linens
  • DecorKOHLER Design Gallery


Since this style is all about timeless bathroom design, invest in high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. 

For example, KOHLER® LuxStone offers exclusive material for shower walls that beats tile, fiberglass, granite, and acrylic because of its nonporous surface. It’s durable, nonstaining, and easy to clean. Read more about the benefits here.

Once you’ve settled on a material, consider subtle patterns. Look for a simple pattern that brings in natural or warm tones from the color palette, but isn’t too flashy or trendy. We recommend VeinCut Dune and Biscuit LuxStone® shower walls. 

Continue complementary patterns across the bathroom floor.


Finish choices also help to shape simple traditional design. Brushed Nickel shower heads, faucets, and mirror frames look beautiful with the muted tones and warm patterns.

Brushed Nickel adds a grayish color and a matte look to the faucet or hardware while offering more warmth than high shine finishes. An added bonus? Brushed Nickel hides water spots better than Polished Chrome!

If you decide to mix and match your finishes, Brushed Nickel looks great with other brushed finishes like Champagne Bronze. For more on finish trends, check out our full article here.


Sconces with a frosted-glass shade provide additional warmth and a softer glow than harsh bulbs and clear glass shades. The finish here will make a big difference, too!

Don’t forget that lightweight curtains can contribute to the airy ambiance by filtering natural light from the windows.

Accessories & Decor

For a final touch, accessories and decor can supply natural textures while matching the muted color scheme. 

When shopping for decor, keep an eye out for:

  • Wooden stools
  • Soft rugs
  • Woven baskets
  • Matching candles
  • Glass flower vases

This is one part of the design that you can easily change in the future to freshen the look. And as your family grows and needs change, updating your accessories is an easy way to add storage.

Is simple traditional design right for your space?

If your answer is yes, then our specialists are here to help you craft your space from start to finish. With installation taking as little as a day or two, a new shower from KOHLER LuxStone will have you well on your way to a simple traditional bathroom. Contact us today!