There’s no doubt that safer bathing benefits everyone, and especially the elderly, handicapped, and low mobility household members.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of installing a more accessible bathroom.

  • Accessibility: Walk-in tubs allow for just about anyone to safely enter and exit out of the bathtub without having to worry about slipping and falling when stepping over a ledge. These tubs have built indoors that allow you to access the tub with ease.
  • Safety: For those who need a safer way to enter their tub, a walk-in tub helps to make sure that you have the safest entry available. These tubs are great for anyone who cannot easily access a standard tub.
  • Durability: Each tub offered by Pacific Bath Company is American-made with high-quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Independence: If you or someone in your household has been unable to use the bathtub alone because of mobility issues, a walk-in tub is a life-changing feature that can help to restore independent bathing.
  • Comfort: Walk-in tubs provide luxurious comfort as most are equipped with custom-fit seating, grab bars, controls, and other features to help you stay as safe as possible in your bathtub.