Walk-in tub models have advanced considerably in the last decade, and more and more options are available for a truly customized remodel.

Here are some of the most common tub types that homeowners can choose from:

  • Soaker Tub: Soaker tubs are walk-in tubs that are made with deeper dimensions than a regular walk-in tub. These tubs allow you to immerse completely in the water, and are great for those who like to unwind after a long day or soak in a warm bath after a long workout.
  • Spa Tub: If you’re excited about the prospect of having a jacuzzi-like experience at home, you’re not alone. Spa tubs are very popular for walk-in tub remodels, with jets, colored lights, and other features for more soothing and luxurious bath times.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs are very popular with those who are handicapped as it allows them to roll their wheelchair right into the tub. These tubs are a great upgrade for people who are looking to make their home more wheelchair accessible.
  • Bariatric Walk-In Tubs: Bariatric tubs are built specifically to suit individuals weighing over 300lbs, ensuring a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. While most walk-in baths can handle weights under 300lbs, these tubs can accommodate those weighing up to 600 lbs.