How To Bring Classical Decadence To Your Bathroom

The outside world can be a hectic place. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be. It should be a space where you can truly unwind and treat yourself. Classical decadence, the latest design trend from KOHLER® LuxStone, can help you achieve just that. 

Classical decadence blends traditional and contemporary styles, so it appeals to almost everyone. You’ll love the simple design principles that create a refreshing, calming space. Classical decadence’s ultra-sleek look features monochromatic colors, spa-like faucets, and clean lines to calm your mind and soothe your body. 

In 4 easy steps, you can give your bathroom a timeless makeover.

How To Channel The Classical Decadence Style

1. Set the tone with Calacatta Crema shower walls

Let’s start with the shower. The centerpiece of classical decadence design is LuxStone® Calacatta Crema shower walls. This pattern balances an energizing white background with bold gray striations. 

These dual-tone stone walls are made of crushed stone and provide a visual anchor for the room. The organic marbled pattern brings a high-end feel to your space – without feeling stiff.

2. Indulge in luxurious faucets

You can’t create a classical decadence space without decadent faucets. 

For an indulgent spa-like experience, pair a Rainhead faucet with a handshower kit. This combination creates the ultimate flexibility. The Rainhead faucet is fixed overhead so you feel as though you’re standing under a warm rainshower. An optimized sprayface delivers wide, even coverage. The handshower kit attaches to the wall and includes a 60-inch ribbon hose. Use the handshower for a wider range of motion and three stimulating spray options.

Another stunning showerhead choice is the new Contemporary showerhead. Its elegant square sprayface and trim create a clean and contemporary look that is sleek from every angle. If you’re looking for a unique touch, this is it!

Whichever faucet you choose, Brushed Nickel is the perfect finish for your classical decadence design. Brushed Nickel is softer and less reflective than a Polished Chrome. The muted undertones will pair beautifully with your white and gray shower walls.

3. Continue the monochromatic color scheme across the room

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be full of rich patterns to be decadent. In fact, for this classic look, you should avoid busy textures and materials. The goal is to minimize stressors with a simple color palette. 

Continue the grays and whites found in your shower walls throughout the space for a subtle and monochromatic color scheme. These dreamy colors will create a feeling of weightlessness, like resting on a cloud.

4. Choose accessories that feature clean lines

To round out the bathroom, select elements that feature clean lines. A few ideas include:

  • A backsplash of subway tile 
  • Subtle vertical panels along an accent wall
  • Streamlined hardware on the vanity
  • Simple, modern light fixtures without embellishment

Create Your Own Classical Decadence Design

Before your classical decadence bathroom is complete, be sure to add a few personal touches. A fresh green plant, meaningful photographs, or a tray of your favorite perfumes can really make the space your own.

The final result is a stunning space that perfectly blends traditional and contemporary styles.