How to Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for having people over, which is why it’s an excellent idea to get your home ready for planned or unexpected visitors. One of the best ways to ease the stress of receiving last-minute or unexpected guests is to make sure your guest bathroom is always stocked and ready for company at all times. At Pacific Bath Company, we’re experts in helping our customers find affordable solutions to improve their bathrooms with beautiful remodeling services at affordable prices. In this guide, our bathroom remodeling company will share some of our best tips for making your bathroom more guest-friendly.

Check the Locks

Guest-Friendly bathroomsThere’s nothing worse than visiting a home where the bathroom door doesn’t lock properly. Give your visitors the privacy they need to use the guest bathroom in peace by fixing any issues with the lock on the bathroom door. Doing this will make them feel more at ease while visiting your home, and will also help to prevent any uncomfortable incidents should someone accidentally walk in on someone else at an awkward moment.

Keep it Stocked

Toilet paper aside, one of the most important things you can do to prepare your bathroom for guests is to make sure it’s stocked with hand soap and clean towels. A bathroom without either of these things can’t possibly promote the level of hygiene you need to keep a healthy home. Promote hand washing by providing your guests with everything they need to get rid of bacteria and harmful germs right there at the sink.

Get Rid of the Grime

Older bathrooms are hard to keep clean and can still look grimy and dirty after hours of scrubbing. If your bathroom grout is impossible to clean properly, or your shower or tub areas are covered in mold or mildew, you should strongly consider replacing them with low maintenance bath solution. With the right home remodeling company doing the installation, premium quality shower and tub replacements can transform the way your bathroom looks and feels in an instant. Most replacement projects are quick and affordable and will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze.

Provide Essentials for Guests

It’s always a nice idea to make a bathroom essentials basket for your guests. Load a basket with things like air fresheners, lotion, hand or facial soap, sanitary napkins, Band-Aids, and other important items they may need while visiting your bathroom. You should also include plenty of toilet paper rolls underneath the sink or somewhere obvious, to eliminate their need to ask you for it. Also be sure to make a plunger available just in case they need to unclog the toilet quickly and easily by themselves, and without turning it into a huge, embarrassing ordeal.

Consider a Quick Bath Remodel

If it’s been a while since you last remodeled your bathroom, or if it’s never been remodeled before, take a look at your space and try to see it through the eyes of your guests. What would you change about the area, and what might make it look more modern, fresh, or inviting? In most cases, the shower or tub areas are the biggest eyesores—especially if they’re older or made with aging bathroom materials. If your wet area is in need of a makeover, you should know that quick replacements can make a huge difference without the high cost or lengthy time commitment of a traditional bathroom remodel. For example, you can replace ugly tile walls with a beautiful Kohler LuxStone wall surround, or a mildew-covered shower with a brand-new shower enclosure. Best of all, replacements can give your bathroom the fast style transformation it needs without the high cost or hassle of a long, costly, and involved renovation.

The Solution to a Beautiful Bathroom

As one of the most trusted names in bathroom remodeling in the Western United States, Pacific Bath Company is proud to serve our customers with everything they need to make their bathrooms more functional, efficient, and beautiful. With low-cost and lightning-fast options for shower replacement, tub replacement, bath conversions, and more, we’ll make sure that the finished result is customized to suit your needs and your budget. For more tips on making your bathroom a friendlier space for your guests, or to receive more information on our products and installation services, give our bathroom remodeling company a call now. Or, to schedule a free, in-home estimate and consultation, fill out our online form and a representative will get in touch right away.