New Shower Features You’ll Love from LuxStone

KOHLER® LuxStone unveils a new suite of shower features designed to enhance every part of your daily shower routine.

From stone-inspired shower walls to powerful-spraying faucets to an advanced digital shower system, these additions allow you to express your style and practice self-care at home for a custom shower experience unlike any other.

Meet LuxStone®’s newest collection of shower features to explore all the ways you can design the walk-in shower of your dreams.

Shower WaBeautiful KOHLER walk-in bathlls

Expressing your personal style is now easier than ever with LuxStone’s two new exclusive shower wall designs. Bluette and Calacatta embody the classic appearance of natural stone without the maintenance.


As LuxStone’s boldest design, Bluette mimics the two-toned pattern of the Brazilian stone Cintilante Bluette. The wave-inspired shower wall expresses elements of playfulness and sophistication, bringing drama into your shower space.


Revered for its dramatic veining and distinctive patterning, Calacatta captures the elegance of the famed Italian stone of the same name. This timeless gray and white shower wall gives your bathroom a luxurious look and feel.

Digital Shower Experience

DTV Prompt® is a digital accessory that puts total control of your shower experience at your fingertips. Check out what this easy-to-use digital shower system can do for your shower routine. (Hint: 4 incredible features ahead!)

4 DTV Features

1. Three-outlet Digital Interface

Independently control up to three outlets to easily toggle between handshowers, body sprays, and showerheads at the click of a button. With DTV, you can personalize your shower experience to satisfy every mood.

2. Shower Warm-up and Pause Feature

Warm-up your shower to the perfect temperature before you step in. DTV lets you know the water is ready by pausing the flow so you can enter without splashing. And if you need to pause mid-shower to save water while shaving or shampooing, simply touch a button to stop the water flow.

3. Precise Temperature Control

Adjust your default and high limit temperature settings to keep comfortable in your shower. You’ll prevent freezing or scalding water from ruining your shower experience.

4. Duration and Countdown Timer

Set a timer to automatically shut off your water if you’re on a time crunch or want to conserve water in the shower.


LuxStone’s collection of faucets just got bigger, giving you more style options to enhance your shower. In addition to introducing 3 new faucet styles—Contemporary, Modern, Traditional—we now offer a decadent body spray and an invigorating rainhead. And as a bonus, each faucet design is compatible with the digital shower system for smart control of your shower experience.

Body Sprays

With a low-profile design and Katalyst technology, Body sprays create an indulgent showering experience. 27 nozzles deliver larger, fuller water drops for a powerful, voluptuous spray. Choose from Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel to complement your style.


The new Rainhead faucet mimics a soothing summer rain to deliver a drenching overhead shower experience. Its unique spray pattern creates an even, consistent coverage. Coordinate your shower’s look with Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes.