Many people are finding themselves faced with a tough choice or will face one soon.  Should they move out of their home in the name of safety?

Beautiful KOHLER walk-in bath

Many people are finding themselves faced with a tough choice, or will face one soon: should they move out of their home in the name of safety?

Doing so means giving up a big part of their independence. And it also means losing out on a growing investment, as home prices continue to rise steadily.

The decision to stay or to move is crucial for those who notice their balance is not what it used to be, and for those with other mobility or vision issues. The National Council on Aging says that on average, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall. It also says falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. That’s downright scary.

But there is some hopeful news on the topic as well. The National Council on Aging recently updated its landmark study, called the “Falls Free National Action Plan.” The plan focuses on evidence-based solutions to all of these falls. In other words, it looks at things that work to keep seniors living independently, and safely, longer.

The study says home modification is one of those things that can work. And as we found out, not all modifications have to be ugly. In fact, some are absolutely beautiful.

As an example, let’s focus on just one room in the house that’s known for slips and falls: the bathroom.

Getting yourself up and over the tall edge of a tub to get into the water can be risky and stressful. And trying to lift yourself out of the tub (or have someone help you out) provides a lot of opportunity for dangerous falls.

One solution to this problem is the KOHLER Walk-In Bath, which is safe, beautiful, and watertight. It should be – Kohler has been making tubs since 1883, and all these years later, they are building an exclusive walk-in bath right here in America.

For starters, the walk-in-bath is incredibly easy to get into. It has an 18” wide opening, so you can walk directly in without having to turn to the side or side-step your way at some difficult angle.

“Kohler put an integrated handrail on the outside of the tub as well as a beautiful handrail inside, so it doesn’t look like it belongs in a geriatric rehab facility,” says Todd Blinn, Vice President of Pacific Bath Company. “The threshold you have to cross is just 3-inches high,” says Blinn, emphasizing how easy it is to walk into the tub.

These two features alone reduce the risk of falling. And Pacific Bath Company, which is the only provider of the Kohler Walk-In bath in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Southern Nevada also provides a free 34-point inspection before installing your tub.

And here is a surprise: you can go from an old tub to a new walk-in bath in just 48 hours.

“We take your existing space and create the right strategy,” says Blinn. “Then we replace what you have with the KOHLER Walk-In bath. This includes full plumbing, full electrical, everything you need. We’re in and out within a couple of days.”

In addition to making things safer in the bathroom, you may not believe some of the features. There are 10, highly adjustable pointed jets with varying degrees of intensity and direction. This is hydrotherapy that can offer relief for your spine, legs, and feet.

Other features include a bubble massage, an adjustable hand shower, and what KOHLER calls its “Bask” Technology. This allows bathers to stay warm while the tub fills and while it drains.

“This is Kohler’s baby. You cannot buy the walk-in bath anywhere else in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, or Southern Nevada. You can’t even buy it online,” says Blinn. That translates to installers, plumbers, and electricians who know exactly what to do to get the job done right.

And this job done right means a safer home environment for you or your loved ones, so they can stay independent as long as possible.