This New Technology Will Change the Way You Shower

When it’s time to update your old shower, there are many upgrades you can make to transform your space into a home-spa retreat. From the luxurious drench of a rain-head to powerful massaging body sprays to a sleek contemporary shower design, the possibilities for your new shower experience are endless. But to truly turn your shower into a relaxing oasis, you need a touch of tech.

With a small digital device called DTV Prompt®, you can control your entire shower experience at the touch of a button without even stepping inside. Activate one or more showerheads, adjust the water temperature, and prevent overspray with the Pause feature.

Multiple Faucets, One Device

Think of DTV Prompt as your universal remote. With a single digital system, you can activate any faucet configuration you like, including traditional showerheads, handshowers, rain heads, body sprays, and tub fillers. Eliminate the visual clutter of multiple handles and levers in the shower space and enjoy a seamless experience.

Precise Control

With digital thermostatic valve technology, DTV Prompt offers more control over your shower’s water flow than a traditional knob or lever. DTV guarantees safe, accurate temperature control as well as crisp transitions between showerheads. Activate up to three faucets independently or in tandem using the intuitive button interface. Set your preferred temperature and faucet configuration upon start-up for a perfectly customized shower. For even more control and customization, install one DTV Prompt outside the shower and another inside.

Additional Features

The DTV Prompt is packed with powerful features that deliver an unparalleled shower experience. The countdown timer feature is perfect for filling a bathtub or limiting your water use. When activated, the screen displays the timer, then flashes when there is less than a minute left.

Another popular setting is the DTV Prompt’s warm-up feature. When activated, the shower will begin to warm the water. The water flow will pause when it reaches your preferred temperature. Simply press Power to turn the water back on and step into your personal haven.

Chic Design

At just eight inches tall and less than three inches wide, this handy digital control seamlessly blends into your shower space. The Satin Chrome faceplate with Polished Chrome accents adds a sleek finish to the low-profile design and pairs beautifully with Polished Chrome fixtures. An easy-to-read digital display shows the time and water temperature when activated.

With so many customization options and subtle style, the DTV Prompt will make you wonder how you showered without it. Indulge in the next level of luxurious comfort with immersive spray experiences and elegant technology.