Non-Slip Surfaces

Since you’re dealing with water, you want to maximize the non-slip surfaces around your bathtub. Consider your bathroom floor: what’s it made of? Does that make it more safe or secure? The Spruce recommends vinyl flooring as one of the most affordable and secure options for bathroom safety. If you want to add non-slip surfaces without adjusting your floor, then consider adding a few non-slip rugs around your bathtub. Non-slip rugs are affordable and allow you to add some style to your safety options.

Easy-Grip Handrails

When you’re getting in and out of the tub, you need a stable surface to support your body. Thus, we recommend that your bathtub include handrails. You can hold on to them to help you feel secure during your entire self-care routine. If you suffer from arthritis or bad knees, handrails can help alleviate that stress in the bathroom. Also, to increase support, install a grab bar. They provide great support when you’re sitting and standing in the tub.

Extra-Wide Bath Seat

Bath seats are a quick, affordable way to add more safety and stability to your bathroom. Bath seats help you maintain a comfortable posture while in the bathtub. You can find plenty of options available online. You can choose the bath seat that best suits your stylistic and safety needs.

Accessible Extra-Wide Door

If your bathroom doorway is narrow, then you may experience extra difficulty when trying to enter the bathroom. Also, if you’re using a walker or wheelchair, narrow doorways cause more inconveniences. To avoid this, you can create an extra-wide, accessible door that gives you extra space when maneuvering through the doorway. Better Homes & Gardens recommends leaving a five-foot open area around the bathroom entrance. You want to leave enough space for a wheelchair to safely enter the bathroom. This helps you avoid bumping into your bathroom counter or the towel rack.

Install A Walk-In TubKOHLER Design Gallery

Walk-in bathtubs are one of the most strategic ways to ensure your bathroom safety. Walk-in baths include doorways with an enclosure that keeps you safe. With spacious bathroom seats and low step-ins, walk-in tubs often alleviate potential concerns about bath time.  

If you’re considering a walk-in bath, look no further than Kohler. Our Walk-in baths include many safety features, such as grab bars and comfortable seating. Shop at Kohler today and start enjoying a relaxing, secure bathtub experience.