What is A Bidet?

A bidet is a toilet device that sprays water for cleansing yourself after using the restroom. Bidets have existed since the seventeenth century in France. There are multiple health, financial, and environmental benefits of having a bidet.

Health Benefits of Bidets


When you use rough toilet tissue too often, you could irritate the skin. According to The New York Times, bidets help alleviate this pain by using water to cleanse the area instead. After using a bidet, you will use far less toilet tissue, if any.


Using the bathroom involves a lot of bacteria. To avoid spreading this bacteria, you want to clean yourself as thoroughly as possible. Bidets provide an extra safety measure that helps you avoid bacteria and diseases while keeping your hands clean.


When you feel more comfortable about your bathroom experience, this could increase the positivity in your mental health. With a bidet, you feel clean and refreshed every time you use the bathroom. Also, if you experience any mobility issues, then bidets can help you clean yourself without overexertion.

Are Bidets Environmentally Friendly?

Bidets help reduce the amount of toilet tissue that you use in the bathroom. This helps the environment by saving paper and cutting back on toilet tissue in water pipes. This could also help you save money by spending less on toilet tissue.

4 Different Types of Bidets

There are four main types of bidets:


You can purchase a Standalone bidet that is completely separate from your toilet. That way, you don’t have to install any extra attachments. Another benefit to standalone bidets is that you don’t have to worry about compatibility with your existing toilet seat.


Bidet toilet seat attachments can either replace or be added to your existing toilet seat. You can easily install a bidet attachment by simply connecting it to the water pipes in your bathroom. There are two primary types of bidet toilet seat attachments: electric and non-electric. 

Electric bidet attachments normally include enhanced features, such as adjusting the water temperature or air drying. Non-electric bidet attachments do not include these features. However, you can still adjust the water pressure to your preferred setting. 

Also, you can install a handheld bidet, which is similar to a water hose. You attach your handheld bidet to the water pipes in your bathroom. The handheld functionality gives you more manual control when you spray water. Handheld bidets are relatively easy to install and easy to use.


Smart toilet bidets combine the worlds of high functionality and modern technology. You can purchase a smart toilet that has a built-in bidet.

Also, smart toilet bidets often include a no-touch operation that allows you to control the bidet without physically touching the bidet. You can control features such as water temperature and spray patterns. This helps you maximize the clean in your experience.


If you’re traveling soon, then you can purchase a standalone portable bidet. Portable bidets are available in battery-operated and non-battery operated options. Most portable bidets allow you to fill them up with water and spray the water when you need it. This is a great on-the-go tool to help you stay clean.

4 Misconceptions About Bidets


Think bidets are out of your price range? You’d be surprised. You can find bidet attachments for around $40. If you want a bidet with a little more functionality, you can find great options for less than $100. Overall, bidets come in many varieties that can give you the most cost-effective option.


According to Insider, bidets are actually a cleaner option than using toilet tissue. Toilet tissue can spread germs around instead of thoroughly cleaning the area. When you use bidets, you can directly apply water to the area which ultimately makes it more sanitary.


Bidets can provide as much cleanliness as toilet tissue. From touch-free controls to various water pressure settings, you have plenty of options to achieve your perfect level of cleanliness. However, if you want, then you could use a small amount of toilet tissue or a baby wipe to supplement the bidet.


People often think that bidets will leave water on clothes and that they still need toilet tissue to dry themselves. However, some bidets include warm air dry options that help alleviate this potential problem. Use the drying feature to help create a more comfortable bidet seat experience.

How to Choose a Bidet

When deciding what type of bidet to add to your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you’re thinking of adding a bidet, then look no further than KOHLER. We offer numerous bidet solutions that will keep you KOHLER Clean.