10 Ways to De-Stress at Home


10 Ways to De-Stress at Home No matter how on top of things we are, everyone gets stressed from time to time. How you manage that stress is important for your mental and physical health. Bottling it up is never a good idea, so it’s important to take a little time each day to unwind and let go of some stress. Need some de-stress inspiration? Here are 10 ways to relax that you can do almost anytime. Ways to Relax at Home Exercise and getting outside are great stress relievers, but here, we’re focusing on more mellow ways to relax. 1. [...]

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How to Prep Your Home for Holiday Hosting


How to Prep Your Home for Holiday Hosting The calm before the storm that is the holiday season is a great opportunity to take stock of your home and begin preparing for the flurry of activity and out-of-town guests that will soon arrive. There may even be a home improvement project or two that you want to knock out before your loved ones visit. Make sure your home is holiday hosting-ready with this handy checklist. Clear out the Kitchen Now is the perfect time to go through the recesses of your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry and purge anything that is expired [...]

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How To Choose A Bathroom Style


How To Choose A Bathroom Style When starting a bathroom renovation, your first task is choosing your bathroom style. It’s important to pick a style direction upfront that will guide your decisions throughout the planning process. As a result, the finished space will have a cohesive look that feels like you and fits into your overall home aesthetic. With so many options and design trends to choose from, selecting just one style can feel daunting. To help, we’ve put together 3 steps to pick the right look for your bathroom. You’ll have your style nailed down in no time! Find key [...]

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How to Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom


How to Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom It’s nice to have a relaxing self-care day at home, but we all know it’s not quite the same as a trip to the spa. There are a few key elements a spa has that your bathroom might not offer at the moment. However, there are some things you can do to bring the spa experience home. 7  Bathroom Ideas To Create A Spa-Inspired Sanctuary 1. Treat Yourself to New Towels Few things feel more luxurious than a plush towel. That’s one of the reasons spas never skimp on them! If your towels are becoming [...]

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How to Fix Common Bathroom Problems


Leaky Showerheads Leaky showerheads cause many problems, including attracting mold and increasing your water bill. The good news is that you can easily DIY to install a new showerhead. According to Home Depot, you can complete this process in about two hours. Follow these four steps: First, you must shut off the water supply for your showerhead. This might include shutting off your water supply for your entire home. Then, remove the following items in this order: Handle Cap Handle Faceplate Metal Sleeve Locking Clip Cartridge Next, you need to replace the cartridge you just removed. Afterward, replace the other parts [...]

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5 Ways to Maximize a Small Bathroom


5 Ways to Maximize a Small Bathroom There’s nothing like a cramped bathroom to add stress to your daily routine. Whether you regularly share your space with a partner, kids, or guests, there are many tricks for maximizing a small bathroom and giving everyone a little more breathing room. With subtle design choices and smart product selection, you can expand the look and feel of your bathroom without adding square footage! Read on to discover five space-saving tips from storage to decor.  5 Space-Saving Tips 1. Consider a tub-to-shower conversion. You may not realize how much space your bathtub is taking [...]

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How Hydrotherapy Can Treat Poor Circulation in Legs


How Hydrotherapy Can Treat Poor Circulation in Legs Poor circulation, or peripheral artery disease (PAD), is common with aging, causing muscle pain and cramping in your legs, feet, arms, and hands. While it is not a condition, PAD may be a sign of larger health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease. If left untreated, poor circulation can lead to permanent nerve or tissue damage, as well as allow a health condition to worsen. The good news is you can take proactive steps to improve blood flow to your legs and other extremities. Common treatments include exercising [...]

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Which Is Safer: Bathtubs or Showers?


Which Is Safer: Bathtubs or Showers? Both bathtubs and showers offer different safety benefits. Depending on your level of mobility or accessibility needs, a shower may be your safest option. Read more to learn the reasons why and find out about new LuxStone® features that can make your shower experience safer. Bathtub Safety Benefits Inherently, bathtubs are not safer than showers. Bathtubs require you to step over the bathtub wall to enter the tub. Also, entering the bathtub requires more coordination and balance. Overall, there are two primary safety benefits that bathtubs provide: Enclosed Space The enclosure is one of the [...]

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4 Tips on how to Organize Your Shower to Spark Joy


Does Your Shower Spark Joy? The KonMari-Inspired Guide To Organizing Your Shower Today tidying and creating purposeful spaces that enhance our lives is more important than ever. Tidying expert Marie Kondo has been leading the way with her popular KonMari method. We believe that no matter what your day looks like, a clean and organized shower plays an important role in establishing a daily routine. It also makes life simpler, less stressful, more enjoyable. Our hope is that your bathroom will function as an escape where you can start and end your day. Use this guide to simply and easily tidy [...]

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5 Things To Consider When Planning A Shower Remodel


5 Things To Consider When Planning A Shower Remodel Remodeling projects require plenty of planning and decision-making before a contractor even enters your home. Once you decide to refresh a space, there are many factors at play that will help you take your idea from vision to reality. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when you decide to remodel your shower. Important Factors for Planning a Shower Remodel 1. Budget Usually a sticking point for any home remodel project, a budget is one of the most important considerations before requesting quotes or purchasing fixtures. Factor in the [...]

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